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Cheshire Police Headquarters - Winsford

  • Architect: BAM Design
  • Contractor: BAM Construction

The provision of a new 23,000 square metre facility and training centre for the Cheshire Police Constabulary on a Green Field site in Winsford. The three storey main building has four separate wings and surrounds a central open air courtyard and social area. The headquarters also has various ancillary buildings, a sports hall, catering facility, an accommodation block and armed response/vehicular maintenance units.

The state of the art facility houses over 50 departments and a thousand personnel Description of Caswell Works: The ventilation package consisted of the manufacture and installation of ductwork systems used in conjunction with Air Handling plant and chilled beams in the main office areas. The bulk of the installation was standard DW144 low pressure galvanised supply and extract ductwork but included the installation of 536 No. free issued chilled beams which were procured from a company in Australia.

The catering facility had a Firesafe Fire rated kitchen extract duct system installed which ran from the kitchen compartment up through the risers and discharging via a fire rated extract fan in the plant room. The project was completed on a fast track basis with the other mechanical services installed using a modular construction technology.