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Eco Air Conditioning at Nando's Restaurants

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Systems

Respecting the environment around us

We are all more conscious now of the need to protect and respect the environment we live in.

Caswell has been involved with several clients to engage in producing energy saving solutions within their premises.

Deployment of energy saving motors, inverter systems and heat recovery units are actively encouraged and promoted by Caswell. These small but significant changes within a complete ventilation system benefit all concerned. We are not only saving energy, thereby helping our planet, but saving on life cycle and energy costs to the client.

Case study - Nandos Restaurants

PROJECT: Nandos Jct27 Leeds
CLIENT: Nandos Restaurants
ARCHITECT: Harrison Design / Aedas Architects

Nandos is a restaurant group providing a casual dining experience, they originate from South Africa with a Portuguese theme. Each restaurant has a friendly vibrant atmosphere, created by the hand selected eclectic mix of global music, eye catching artwork and unique design features.

The Nandos at Jct 27 Leeds is a flag ship Restaurant for the company. It is a free standing, purpose-built Restaurant with the intention of being completely Carbon Neutral from the outset.  This project was essentially going to be a test-bed for new technologies, ideas and innovations which could potentially find their way in to Nandos Restaurants everywhere.

From the initial stages of the project, Caswells were part of the diverse design team put together to take on this challenge.  Working with other designers and specialists within their fields, Caswells scope of work included the complete HVAC Systems – High Efficiency Heat Recovery Unit's which are used to provide tempered air to the toilets and back-up areas, utilising the waste heat from the exhaust air.

The restaurant was air conditioned – fan coil units were used, utilising the latest Heat Pump Technology, the chargriddle, fryer and oven canopies were manufactured and installed by Caswells – this allowed the air to be exhausted from the canopies to the atmosphere through a centrifugal fan with associated fully-welded ductwork. 

The design of the Fresh Air Supply System utilised the thermal mass of the floor void to heat the incoming air in the winter – and cool it in the summer.

In addition to this, a Solar Heating System was installed to provide under-floor heating.  An innovative heat-recovery system was installed to recover the waste heat that was generated by the chargriddle – this was utilised by heating up water, which was required by the restaurant. 

All of these systems were controlled and all of the energy used was monitored by a state-of-the-art control system.

The restaurant also incorporated a number of different sustainable features, including a Sedam Roof, the use of a reclaimable timber cladding and an Electricity generator fueled by waste cooking-fat – provided by the whole chain of restaurants.  This generator also provides the means to produce electricity to the restaurant and grid.