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Manufacturer of Ductwork and Installation of Ventilation


Family-run HVAC experts since 1969

C Caswell Engineering Services Limited - aka Caswell's - is a family-owned and operated company.

We have enjoyed a long and auspicious history underpinned by steady growth and now, in 2019, we mark our 50th anniversary. We have many loyal staff at all levels within the company - many who have been with us for 20+years - and a strong family ethos which now extends to 3rd generation members. 

We specialise in the design and installation of HVAC systems and also manufacture our own ductwork in-house to provide complete turnkey solutions. We focus on delivering results which exactly meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations. 

At the heart of things

We occupy 30,000 sq ft of premises situated in the heart of Rossendale, Lancashire. Housing our offices, manufacturing and logistics all on a single site fits with our character of being a close-knit outfit. We employ 60+ people and all of our technical staff have specialist roles and accreditation within the HVAC sector; a number being active committee members of our industry's leading associations.  

We carefully recruit skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel in order to maintain our position as a leading employer but also believe that training of young people is vitally important. This balance, along with financial investment in new technologies and capital equipment, makes for a strong future at Caswell.

Over the years we have worked - and continue to work - with many instantly recognisable names in our own industry and on the high-street.  Maintaining excellent relationships with our clients is key and we have formed strong mutual bonds with restaurant giants like McDonalds and Nando's plus a myriad of smaller businesses within the restaurant and kitchen sector.