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Royal Preston Hospital

  • Architect: Boulting Environmental Services Ltd
  • Contractor: Boulting Environmental Services Ltd

Clarke Energy an international supplier of Electrical Generation / CHP systems selected Caswell Engineering to design, build and commission the Ventilation system and acoustic treatment for their new CHP Gas Installation at Preston Hospital.

The major challenge faced was to provide the large amount of air necessary to cool the engine whilst meeting the stringent noise criteria within the hospital grounds and adjacent hospital buildings.

The ventilation system comprised Inlet louvres, filters, Supply fans, attenuator, galvanised ductwork and damper. The Air exhausted natural via, a damper, an attenuator and roof cowl.  

The fan speed was varied to control the room to the optimum temperature.

Caswells clad the walls and ceiling with high performance steel faced acoustic panelling, complete with acoustic doors.

This project was complex, on a confined site and was completed successfully and on time for our client

On project completion an independent acoustic consultant verified through on site testing that the stringent noise criteria had been met