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Manchester Arndale - Northern Extension

  • Architect: Chapman Taylor
  • Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
  • Value: £1,200,000

The IRA detonated a bomb in the Manchester Arndale in 1996 destroying a large section of the shopping centre and the surrounding area.

Prudential (the owners of the building) instructed the re-development of the centre and as a result Bovis Lend Lease commenced the £150 million pound Northern extension project in 2003.

The project was split into three phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 - The flagship Next Store together with Exchange Square
  • Phase 2 - The central mall (replacing Canon Street)
  • Phase 3 - The Market, Winter Gardens and Food Court

The centre was opened to the public in three phase with the final hand over in October 2006.

Description of Caswell Works:

Caswell were awarded the ventilation package for the manufacture and installation of the various systems included in the main centre development (excluding individual shop fit out packages).

The system types installed included the following:

  • Service Road Extract (Including Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork in the Riser Shafts)
  • General Supply & Extract to the Malls, Exchange Square and Winter Gardens
  • General Supply & Extract to all shop units
  • Firesafe Fire Rated Kitchen Extract Ductwork to the Food Court and Indoor Market
  • Firesafe Fire Rated Stair Pressurisation Ductwork to all escape lobbies.

Caswell took an active role in co-ordinating the services working along side Balfour Kilpatrick and successfully delivered each phase under a strict regime of quality inspections and system hand overs.

The original order value was £840,000.00 but due to the number of design changes incorporated the final value was circa £1.2 million. Special Details

As a result of the project Caswell also installed the fire rated ductwork systems serving the 2 storey G-Star Raw flagship store which is in the Exchange Square area.

The ductwork and grilles in the roof of Exchange square were installed from a telescopic boom from the ground floor and were 30 metres up (see the photo on the front page of the Manchester Arndale publication Issue 03 June 2005).