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Acoustic Solutions and Noise Control

Acoustic Solutions and Noise Control

Caswell specialise in noise control - find out more about our acoustic solutions

Caswell Acoustics specialise in providing Ventilation and Acoustic solutions to the Power Generation Industry.

Caswell have 10 years' experience in providing noise control for Gas and Biomass Power Generators up to 3MW capacity. We provide turnkey solutions for our customers from initial design through to commissioning. We utilise the latest AutoCAD Drawing technology to develop 3D representations of our designs, fully coordinated and integrated into the building design.The project is closely managed throughout the whole process.

Our expertise covers a broad range of product areas including

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustic Panels
  • CHP Ventilation
  • Generator Ventilation
  • Attenuators
  • Acoustic Rooms
  • Noise Control

Steelwork Design & Installation – Acoustic Enclosures to house power generation plant require a substantial steel skeleton. This steelwork provides not only the framework for the acoustic panels but also support for ductwork, engine silencers and engine maintenance lifting beams.

Acoustic Enclosures –To form and engine enclosure the steelwork is clad with acoustic panels. The acoustic panels are individually designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent design criteria.

Acoustic Doors – High Quality Acoustic Doors are provided and integrated into the acoustic Panelling. The integrity of the acoustic performance of the enclosure is paramount.

Ventilation – Caswell have 40 years experience in ventilation systems, design, and ductwork manufacture / installation. We will carefully consider with our customers the room air movement to optimise the engine performance. Our designs incorporate fresh air louvres, air filtration fans and ductwork. Our ductwork and associated products are robust and fit for the Industrial purpose for which it has been designed

Attenuation – Caswell design and manufacture their own range of high quality attenuators which are integrated seamlessly into the ventilation system. Ductwork lining is carried out where necessary to achieve the required acoustic specification.