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Restaurant Ventilation Design and Installation

We design, manufacture and install Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems for Restaurants.

C Caswell Engineering Services Limited - or, less formally Caswell's - specialise in providing ventilation and air conditioning solutions for all types of catering outlets; whether that be experience-focused restaurant chains, one-off fine dining establishments or high footfall 'fast-food' outlets.  

We offer a turn-key service to our Clients and are with them to smoothly guide the project from conception to completion. Naturally, working closely with restaurateurs and construction professionals means we can ensure that their specific needs are not only met but exceeded.

Tailoring to the specific needs of individual restaurants, we maintain a philosophy that delivering on quality of service and outstanding levels of customer care provides our customers and clients' with the reassurance and peace of mind they need throughout the whole installation period. 

This has resulted in Caswell's completing the installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems on more than 1,200 new-build restaurants plus countless refurbishment projects around the country.  

Our end goal is to create the perfect restaurant environment. Our strength is in our ability to provide solutions which meet the comfort, health and safety needs of the staff and also ensure that customers enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable stay. 

Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • HVAC Controls
  • Commissioning

 Our capabilities include: 

Air Conditioning - Ducted, Cassettes and Fan Coil Types

We design, manufacture and install Ductwork Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.  Systems which prove to be the most popular for restaurants in particular is cassettes or fan coils which are mounted within the ceiling void and ducted to air supply grilles.

Heat pump systems are also an option - these provide both heating and cooling.

All of these systems are installed complete with DX and Condensate Pipework to external condensers where and when required. 

We can install suitable air conditioning and ventilation systems where there is limited ceiling height.

Heat Recovery System

Here at Caswell, we are committed to using environmentally friendly forms of heating and cooling.  Wherever it is possible, we would recommend the use of a full-heat recovery system.  Some of these systems provide up to 95% efficiency.

Ventilation System Commission and Balancing

We provide a full system commissioning and balancing service on completion of any project.  Full system-performance figures are provided, along with any recommendations.

Project Management

We have the experience and expertise to undertake the high responsibility of project management and report directly to our clients to provide them with sound and trustworthy advice.


Installations often demand many ancillary items to complete a project to the highest standard.
Here's a small selection of products and systems which we regularly design and install. 

  1. Toilet Extract Systems
  2. Drinks Head Extract System
  3. Door Air-Curtains
  4. Control Panel and wiring to all installed HVAC equipment
  5. Acoustic Attenuators and Silencer Housings
  6. Insulation of the Ductwork System
  7. Ansul Fire Suppression Systems
  8. Kitchen Air Diffusers and Grilles