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Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The installation of Kitchen Ventilation Systems is our area of expertise

We have been providing our Clients* with very best in kitchen ventilation for nearly 50 years. This has helped to solidify the Caswell name as market leaders in the installation of Restaurant Ventilation and Ductwork systems.

Kitchen Extraction Systems play an important role in keeping a kitchen safe to work in and odour free.

Our Kitchen Extract Canopies are designed to remove airborne particles which may be harmful to health or are simply the cause of any unwanted smells.

Our services include the design and installation of a full-function kitchen extract system.


  • Meeting the Client / Architect to discuss the specific requirements of the project
  • A visit to the proposed establishment premises
  • Present the client with a scheme drawing, outlining the proposals for the Filtration / Odour Control system
  • Attend design meetings
  • Liaise with the Architect, Designer, Structural and Consulting Engineers, Developer and Environmental Health Officers to ensure everything is in order and on-track
  • Provide the Client with a full quotation for the complete installation
* Notable long-term Clients include McDonald's, Nando's, wagamama, Damon's & Cafe Des Anglais 

Kitchen Extract Canopies

All of our Kitchen Extract Canopies are manufactured in-house and are made from Stainless Steel which can be cut to any size to suit the requirement. Our Ventilation Engineers will be on-hand to fit your extraction system anywhere in the U.K.

To give you an exact idea of the types of materials used in the manufacture of our ventilation systems, we have compiled a list of components which are included with the installation of the canopies:

  • 18g Stainless Steel -Grade S16 (EN58E) to (BS1449 – Part 4) and (BS970 – Part 4)
  • Satin Finish No. 4
  • Canopy Lights
  • Baffle Grease Filters
  • Drip Trays
  • Gutters

* Fire suppression systems are also included with the installation of the kitchen canopy system.

Kitchen Extract Filtration and Odour Control System

We supply various different types of specialised extract filtration and odour control systems which are outlined below:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators – used to collect grease and smoke fumes – comes complete with pre- and post-filters
  • UV-C Odour Control - This is a system of ultra violet lighting which is used to eliminate cooking odours that UV itself cannot remove. Where there is a lot of smoke produced, i.e. a char-grill - an electrostatic precipitator should also be used
  • Carbon Filter Plants
 Our Design Engineers would be pleased to discuss the different types of filtration systems available.

Ventilation Ductwork for Kitchen Extraction System 

We have developed our own range of Fire Rated Ductwork which has been assessed and tested by Warrington Fire and Research Centre. This range is known as our 'Firesafe' range - a Fire Rated Ductwork which satisfies the BS476 Part 24: 1984 for up to four hours of stability, four hours integrity and two hours insulation.

The Firesafe Range is fully compliant with HVCA specification DW 172.

Fully Welded Kitchen Ventilation Ductwork System – DW 172 compliant.

We manufacture and install ventilation ductwork systems to match all requirements – Ductwork systems are manufactured from mild steel which is fully welded with angle-iron flanges or galvanised ductwork, complete with "mezz" flanges.

Whatever the requirement or specifications – all ductwork is manufactured to the HVCA recommended specification (DW 172).