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Caswell played its part in delivering McDonald's first UK nett zero carbon restaurant in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Using offsite construction, this project featured a large number of small improvements to make a huge difference in overall performance. Everyone can agree that's 'It's the future' but our whole team just helped to bring the future forward to the here and now.  

Caswell Chairman, Richard Coxen, marked the completion by sending a whole-company email exclaiming;
"We should all be very proud of our involvement in such an important and ground-breaking restaurant. Well done to everyone involved!"

Market Drayton - NG100 Nett Zero Carbon 1 of 2.JPGMarket Drayton - NG100 Nett Zero Carbon 2 of 2.JPG

Sustainability is firmly at the top of the McDonald’s agenda and Caswell are well placed to be involved in this exciting programme of works in the future.