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Caswell supply and install VAC services to Nando’s restaurant project at St Enoch’s Centre, a shopping mall located on the site of the former St Enoch Station. This marks the 5th Nando's we have worked upon in Glasgow’s city centre...and the 9th in the Greater Glasgow Area. 

For Caswell, this one included CASWELL FIRESAFE® fire resisting ductwork along with the customary Stainless Steel Kitchen Extract canopies and full aircon and supply air systems package.

St Enochs PB SNAP.PNGWe also incorporated a Halton PolluStop unit, an intelligent pollution control system with a 5-stage filter system to handle odour, airborne grease and smoke emissions. An essential - and considerate - inclusion for commercial kitchens in dense urban locations neighboured by retail, office and residential occupants.

Our Project Team was Tom Coxen, George Lowthion and Stephen Coxen, backed up of course by everyone at the factory who contributed to the success of the build.