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We are pleased to welcome Jeff Newman to our team here at Caswell.

In his position as SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER, Jeff takes on the role of Key Account Manager for the Elliott Group, specifically in regard to their McDonald’s Modular Buildings programme. He will also be responsible for the management and development of our Projects Managers and CAD Technicians.

Jeff is an experienced, top-quality Engineer and Manager and has worked in the ventilation ductwork industry all his career. Prior to joining Caswell, Jeff held various Project and Operations management roles with other leading ductwork manufacturers and M&E businesses. He is highly-regarded in the industry and has additional, valuable competencies in the recruitment, development and mentoring of apprentices.  

Jeff Newman (3a).jpgJeff remarked “I’m pleased to join Caswell and look forward to applying some of my wider industry knowledge, expertise and skills to help enhance Caswell products and services further."

Jeff added, "On a personal level, I am keen to maintain my health and wellbeing and regularly exercise outside and at the gym. I enjoy taking time out to read (books not kindles!) and play a bit of guitar. I have been known to recently go along with my daughters to support the Bolton Wanderers – not that it’s done much good particularly this last couple of years – only way is up!!"

We are delighted that he has chosen Caswell for his next progression and are sure that he will make an excellent addition to ‘TEAM CASWELL’.