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It was great to see our shiny new flagpoles installed at our Caswell base. 


In honour of our 50th anniversary year - and the winning of a Queen's Award for Enterprise : International Trade by our Group company, Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Ltd - we wanted to show everyone how proud we are of Caswell, Firesafe and Konvekta.

With a number of VIP visitors arriving at Knowsley Road over the summer, what better way to make a statement of optimism than to reinstate the custom of flying flags, after a gap of many years.


The install was (obviously) performed by our trusty Caswell workforce, with Phill Cole leading the way. Phill marks a personal milestone this year as he has been at Caswell for 20 years. During this time he has risen from apprentice - and former 'Apprentice of the Year' at that - to Workshop Foreman.